Monday, September 8, 2014

September 7 -- Italian Stew

What is becoming of me? Beside becoming a bit of a foodie, I'm also an NPR listener. It is the first preset in the car and the clock radio alarm because there is a 6 AM news update for school days. The weekend also has The Splendid Table. I don't listen on purpose, but if it's on when I'm in the car, I keep it on.

This week in the Prairie Home Companion weekly email, there was a recipe for Italian Stew from Mrs. Sundberg's Window. It came in Friday, setting me up perfectly for Sunday.

The recipe was easy. I cut back on the onion since I couldn't get scallions at either of my stores and I had to settle for a sweet yellow onion. I put parmesan on the Sunday dinner portion. I could really use a roll for sopping up some of the beef-tomato broth left behind in the bowl when you are done picking out the steak, vegetables, and noodles. It is a hearty dish for the incoming fall weather.

I will make this again, especially if I remember to have some Italian bread on hand.

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