Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 13 -- Chicken Lazone

The last big cook for 2014. I need lunch this week but next week I won't plus I'll be leaving to visit Mom. I am planning on cooking for Grandma on Christmas Eve then I always take Mom something special that can't be had in Tennessee.

I had to do a Saturday dinner because Sunday had family obligations. I tried Chicken Lazone. This recipe would have worked if I had read the recipe right. One of those small cartons of cream is two cups! I added another two cups of half and half. Needless to say my sauce never thickened. I could've added flour but I let it be.

I served this over fetuccine. I expected it to be more spicy. I may try this again, remembering that the cream is one carton or half and half with a little flour is enough to make the sauce.

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