Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 4 -- Paella

I ask for ideas and one of the suggestions was paella. It is a lot of different meats which means a lot of prep if you don't plan it right, shrimp, chicken, and sausage is a lot of work. I used flash frozen shrimp. You can literally eat them out of fridge because they're cooked and frozen quickly. The jumbo are just a bit more than the small and actually less than the medium at my market so I went with big shrimp.

Here is the recipe: Easy Paella

It was about a 45 minutes from start to finish. Not a terrible amount of time. You are de-tailing shrimp while the chicken is cooking and the rice is simmering. The rice was very good and made an amazing amount of food. I was surprised how crispy it was when it was added to the stock but it sucked up the entire quart of chicken stock and made some nice fluffy rice.

I substituted a packet of sazon instead of saffron threads and kielbasa for chorizo. I would have been better served with Italian sausage than kielbasa. The Polish sausage was too sweet for the dish.

Overall it gave me a large dinner, another dinner, plus three lunches. Four pounds of meat, according to the recipe, I shortened the chicken, is a lot of food so cut the recipe if you're cooking for fewer than an army.

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