Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 6 -- Shrimp Creole

I've been to New Orleans twice and it's a stop when I do my summer eating tour. I tell everyone to try Mother's Restaurant, the Ferdi with ham, roast beef, and "debris". The Ferdi was my first meal on my last visit, lunch after the flight. It may be my favorite sandwich in America, up there with Tony Luke's Roast Pork and Mother's shrimp po' boy (a pound of shrimp on a roll)! I will keep thinking great sandwiches and miss the point -- shrimp creole.

We were talking at lunch about stuff we haven't had in a while and Ginger, my co-worker, said she hadn't had shrimp creole in a long time. I hadn't had shrimp creole ever but I was willing to try. I told her I was doing lunch on Monday. She asked if she'd have to make the rice. I even provided the rice.

It was my first time making the Cajun trinity, onion, pepper, and celery sauteed in butter until soft. With the garlic powder it made the most amazing smell that lingered in my small one bedroom apartment into Tuesday morning. After the trinity is soft, add two cans of tomatoes, I used a large can of diced and a smaller can of crushed tomatoes. After throwing that into the pot, I added two bags of shrimp, 1 pound of cooked, frozen jumbo and 3/4 pound of cooked, medium from Aldi. Aldi's tagline should be "good shrimp, cheap."

The creole had to be made weak since Ginger doesn't like spice. I had to mark our bowls for lunch. Hers blank and mine "kicked up" with cayenne and Crystal hot sauce. Either way, it was wonderful and Lent safe. Nobody said depriving yourself of meat has to be a punishment.

This recipe was easier than I thought. Here's Emeril's recipe.

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