Sunday, April 13, 2014

Midweek in March -- The Cuban

So I cheated on this one, I can get it here. I had my first Cuban pork sandwich last year at Nationals Stadium in Washington. They have a shop that sells different signature dishes from around the league, the Philly Cheesesteak, Milwaukee Bratwurst, and the like. For Miami they had the Cuban, I was in love. For a local Cuban, try Monty's in Southampton.

I used Dattilo's up the corner for most of my ingredients. They have roast pork (1/2 pound) and roast ham (1/2 pound) done on site. They also have the imported Swiss, the rolls, and pickles in a barrel. I think they even have yellow mustard.

Slice your rolls and layer pork, Swiss, ham, thinly sliced pickle longways, and a little mustard. Grill it like a grilled cheese then lay a hot pan on top of the sandwich and press it so it's 1/3 of the size of when you started. Let the bread get a little brown and crispy. This made enough for two full sandwiches and one went to work. It was fine cold for lunch the next day.

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