Sunday, April 13, 2014

In the beginning...

So about a month ago I started really cooking. Over the past 8 years, I've learned to cook things. I can make a pretty mean no-bake noodle lasagna or tuna casserole but this new weekly cooking would take me out of my comfort zone into flavors I've never had and ingredients never used.

The inspiration is my grandfather, now long deceased. He was a house husband because he got sick when he was 28 and was unable to work. He cooked and did chores while my grandmother worked at a sugar factory. As a kid, it was Saturday afternoon dinners that he'd cook. I don't know what his secrets were. I don't know if he cooked from scratch but the man could cook the lights out, chicken soup with dumplings, British style sweet sausage and mashed potatoes, stuffed skirt steak (kind of like braciola but looser), halupki, were all on the menu at one time or another.

My goal is one new dish a week, usually cooked on Sunday when the laundry is being done. The only rules are I have to like it, I am not cooking for show, and I can't get it here at one of my regular restaurants.

Tonight I'll deal with a few things I've made recently then hopefully move on to a more regular mostly-once-a-week schedule.

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